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Everything you need to know… 

Who commissions Milestones & Meanings?

You, family members or a close friend may ask us to record these life stories. When there is a shared decision and sense of participation within a family there is a collective ownership in the outcome. 

Time is passing and that decision should be made before it is too late.


What happens next?

We proceed through a five-step process that includes the planning, preparing, recording, editing and presenting of the finished product. 


Where will the interviews take place?

We want our interviewee to be comfortable and relaxed. If that is your own home and your favorite chair, that is where we will be! We will augment the lighting with our professional equipment. 


What will the interviews be like? 

Interviews are generally 90 to 120 minutes long. Your stories and memories are our focus as we gently guide, prompt, and keep you on track. We can stop at any time, to re-phrase something or take a break. Stories may be joyful, painful or plain factual — that is the nature of our lives. One memory may trigger another -- and then there will be no stopping you! 


What happens after the interviews?

We edit the film so as to create a narrative that reflects the arc of the family’s history, stories, lessons and values. Your photographs will be inserted to show the people and places you talk about and to enrich the visual aspects of the video.  This is the most extensive and significant work that we do for this project and it may take several months to complete.

What will it cost?

Every project is different. Some factors that may affect the cost -- the estimated time and the format for the interviews; your deadlines, if any; the involvement of additional family members in the recording; the quality of the pictures, videos, recordings you provide; direct costs such as travel; and particularly, the addition of one or more of our optional services. Siblings often share the cost so as to give their parent or grandparent this meaningful gift that can also mark a special life cycle event. Once we understand what is needed for this customized project and we have agreed on the cost, we will both sign a Letter of Agreement. 


Can I see the video before it is finalized?

Absolutely! We will share a penultimate version with you so that you can correct errors or ask us to adjust something. The final approved edition will be a video file that is presented in a DVD, flash drive or online format. You and your family now have total control and can share, replicate or save the material.

Anything else? 

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