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Recalling the past may be an intimate and personal journey.

We know how important it is that you have trust and confidence in us.

While we work closely with individual professional videographers and video editors as needed, each of us is deeply engaged and hands-on for every decision we make and every project we undertake.


So here is a little more about us…


leads Milestones & Meanings in the U.S. 

"My passion for helping people recall their life stories emanates from the greatest gift my parents left us. It is a 200-page typed and xeroxed memoir that relays their stories in their own words and images.


Without it we would be hard-pressed to recall their history, even less so our children and grandchildren. When I talk about this lasting treasure, the frequent regretful response is “I wish I had found the time to record my parents’ stories.” 


In over two decades in the non-profit world, my interpersonal, facilitation and advocacy skills were called upon in building national interethnic and interreligious relations. I led, developed and implemented community-based programs.


My undergraduate and graduate studies in literature and history taught me the value of story-telling. A lifelong active interest in literature, crafts, art and photography convinced me of the power of the visual image and the spoken word to convey stories. 


Those interests and skills led me to Milestones & Meanings. I love the interaction with the people I interview, the trusting and respectful relationships we develop, and the knowledge I gain from learning about other times and other worlds. I am privileged to help others create their own legacies, as I have received mine".

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Dave bloom

Initiated Milestones & Meanings, and leads it in Israel

"My background has been a perfect incubator for Milestones & Meanings.

I have worked for 35 years in the IT, software and media industries and as a volunteer community leader.


For more than twenty years I have recorded family and community chronicles, including intensive research into my own family history.


I have built a website which records the history of the now defunct Jewish community of my birthplace, Zimbabwe.


Recognizing the importance of preserving that story, it includes nearly 150 family biographies, several thousand cemetery and marriage records, thousands of images and many personal history video clips.


I also have built other community and organisational websites and administer several Facebook groups including one for the ex-Zimbabwe community, with 2600 active members where people share their own memories, family  stories and records.


This commitment to family history, my interpersonal skills and my multi-media knowledge combine to help people preserve their own life stories for their descendants.

As I have loved pursuing that goal for my own family, I want others to have a priceless legacy that matters to their families and generations to follow."


contact us 

Are you ready to talk to us about your family history? 


Dave Bloom


Tel:   +972 (0) 9 7493987

Cell: +972 (0) 54 4650220


Ann Schaffer


Tel:   1-914-686-3240

Cell: 1-914-953-1814

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